Outdoor kitchen module, modular frame

It all starts with a simple module.

Fresco Frames Benefits - Welcome to our Fresco way of thinking.

The beauty of our Fresco Frames Outdoor Kitchen systems is that they need no welding, cutting or bending. Once assembled, our modules are plum square and level every time. They provide a very solid platform in a very short lead time for assembly. There is no need for a crane and dolly, as any module weighs no more than approximately 18 kg.
Our flexible grill base modules house virtually any size BBQ grill. Whether you have a small courtyard or larger entertaining area, our frames offer you the option to create many flexible shapes and sizes. Instead of imposing a style or look, our framing systems invite new possibilities and visual stimulation limited only by your imagination.
Fresco Frames come flat packed with easy to follow assembly instructions making installation a breeze. Our patent pending and design registered systems allow our frames to be adjusted onsite to fit within confined spaces. Our framing systems do not require footings and allow easy installation of doors, drawers, sinks, appliances, wiring and plumbing if required.

Fresco Frames Strength - The strength of Australian steel.

The galvanized steel construction will resist rust and corrosion. Our frames are made using GALVABOND® Blue Scope (BHP) zinc coated material for added strength and peace of mind. Under normal conditions our frames will not warp, rot or burn allowing you many enjoyable years of outdoor cooking and entertaining pleasure.
an unlimited range of building products such as tiles, stone, timber, glass, steel or practically anything your imagination can offer. For full material specifications please visit Bluescope Steel Australia.
Our steel modules will hold many hundreds of kilos supporting stone and concrete bench tops. The inherent strength and durability of our steel frames will provide structural integrity in all types of environments and conditions giving you the peace of mind to stand the test of time. Our steel frames can be designed and cladded with almost

Fresco Frames Simplicity & Flexibility - Think outside the square.

Seeking nothing less than a totally new approach to outdoor kitchen design and assembly, we have created a system that only requires a cordless screwdriver and some basic tools to assemble.
Our steel frames will allow you to think outside the
Once satisfied with your kitchen's configuration, simply bolt it down in the preferred place and your ready to insert your door and drawer cabinets, appliances, add your sinks and taps, cladding, creativity, colour and accessories.
square and make most of your outdoor space. They lend themselves to perfectly integrate and innovate distinct highly individual outdoor kitchen designs. The precise machine cut components slot together easier than Sweden's famous furniture.