Fresco Versatility

Our framing system does not end with a kitchen island. You may want to create a poolside bar or counter top space and more storage area within your landscape or home & garage to house pool accessories, cushions, toys and kitchenware.
Our frames are available in standard or compact sizes allowing plenty of counter space for cooking and preparing food, eating, serving and anything else you may wish to do with your frames.
Fresco Frames give you more control and flexibility within your environment, so you take advantage of your available space that is not dictated by costly conventional methods of manufacturing.
Expression of your homes' image and character is what's important. Fresco Frames adaptability & versatility means you can now affordably work within your homes landscape and get the most from your available space.
Outdoor Kitchen frame australia

Fresco Flexibility

If you want to incorporate your current BBQ with its own cabinet assembly this is easily done!
Simply remove your cabinets wings and slot your BBQ between our countertop modules to configure your desired shape and size to complete your outdoor island.
Simply add our counter bench tops to the side to provide you an extended preparation area and extra cabinets. The choice is yours with Fresco Frames.
This will give you a lot more space to house appliance such as a sink, bar fridge or even a dishwasher and provide a totally integrated look. You may wish to retain your wok/side burner and your current free standing BBQ cabinet assembly.
Outdoor BBQ Kitchen frame australia
Outdoor BBQ Kitchens frame melbourne, sydney, perth, adelaide, brisbane
Outdoor BBQ Kitchen frame melbourne, sydney, perth, adelaide, brisbane